To the University Community

Following the national and regional provisions that have been announced and which will be implemented in the next few hours, the Regional Committee of the Universities of Lazio (Comitato Regionale delle Università del Lazio) has resolved that*starting from Monday 15 March 2021*the following provisions will be applied:

Attendance in presence of educational and curricular activities of all study courses is suspended. Bachelor degrees, master degrees, masterslessons and doctoral courseswill continue*remotely*.

Exams and graduation sessions are carried out remotely.

University libraries and other structures that provide services to students will carry out their activities mainly at a distance.

Professional internships in the medical, dental and health professions area, laboratory activities, exercises, and experiential activities may take place in person in compliance with the guidelines of the MUR referred to in Annex 18 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 02/14/2021.

The University facilities will remain open, allowing access to teachers and providing a smart-working plan for the administrative and technical staff in order to ensure services in compliance with the anti-covid regulations in force.

The Rector