How to access the Library

Rules from 7th April 2021 using  BALSF App



General information and opening times

This service will be available from the 7th of April 2021 only upon reservation by using BALSF App
The number of places available have been reduced to allow the social distancing and seat reservations

Monday – Friday 9.00–18.00

Available seats: 58

Reservation of books and seats will be confirmed from the library’s staff after your request.

Rules for the users

– Before Access to the Library, users:

– Must have measured the temperature with the thermo-scanner located at the entrance. Access will not be granted for those having a temperature higher than 37,5 °C

–  Must be wearing their own safety mask and using the hand sanitiser after entering the library.

– A social distancing of 2 meters has to be followed

– Follow the opening times and safety signs

– Access with own books is allowed after having sanitized them

Users are not allowed to bring books from the shelves
After your booking, the seat will be reserved from 9 am to 6 pm
All the material used during your consultation has to be left on the table

Be aware that a specific text will be again available after the last loan only after being stored for 3 days for safety reasons

The library service will be temporarily or permanenty suspended for those breaking the rules


Library seats, consultation and loan  services can be booked through the BALSF App

Log in with Your University credentials to use the app.
Books and seats reservation is allowed from 9am to 6 pm.

Reservation will be confirmed after your request from the library’s staff
Reservation request must be submitted at least one day in advance
Slots will be available the day after the reservation is done
Reservation Seats cover the whole day from 9am to 6pm
Reservations in behalf of other people are not permitted
Multiple reservations won’t be accepted
Please amend/cancel Your reservation if You are not interested anymore
Please let us know if You are not able to use Your reservation by email:

In case of missing notice, The library staff might be reviewing your following reservations.

Thank You